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Elephant interaction

The elephant interaction offered by Kapama, is a unique opportunity for guests to get extremely close to the world’s largest land animals. This activity offers visitors the chance to learn about African elephants, both wild and habituated, as they interact and feed these gentle giants.

This is an early morning experience starting at around 06:20 am.  Bring a hat and sunscreen with you as the day will get hotter as the sun rises.  Wear closed shoes preferably and don’t forget your camera!  Then climb on board a game drive vehicle for your transfer to the designated location, where you will be met by one of the activity managers for a personal introduction to this unique elephant herd.

The elephant experience starts with a brief history of Jabulani and the rest of the herd that came to be part of this unique elephant experience.  This is a fascinating story, made even more riveting as the Elephant Manager has shared the journey of each elephant since the start of this endeavour. Learn about the bonds formed between the elephants and their grooms, and what it takes to care for this special herd.

The interaction allows you to observe these animals in their natural environment as they peacefully go about their daily routine.  Listen to amusing anecdotes about each individual elephant, each with their own quirks and antics.

You are then introduced to Jabulani and get the opportunity to feed and interact with him while learning some interesting facts about the anatomy of an elephant.  Any questions are welcomed and there is plenty of time to take those once-in-a-lifetime photographs with Jabulani.

Over the years five babies have been born into the herd.  Mambo - one of these special babies - is then introduced.  This young bull elephant is full of character.  He usually comes running out of the bush when called and loves being featured in any photographs being taken.

While you interact with Jabulani and Mambo, the rest of the herd can be found browsing in the bush nearby. The herd consists of 14 elephants, ranging in age from 6 to 33 years.

The 90 minute elephant interaction includes coffee and tea with biscuits. For some, this up-close interaction is a life-changing one, but for everyone it is a truly unforgettable encounter.

R1,450 per person valid from 1st January 2018

*Unless specified otherwise, rates are valid until 30 November 2018 (except where included in the tariff).

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