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The new and improved Kapama Karula

The Karula Story

The renowned Kapama Private Game Reserve experience has further been enhanced by the recent major repositioning of Kapama Karula, which now boasts a breathtaking 12 superior suite lodge set on the banks of the perennial Klaserie River. Seven years ago, GwalaGwala was transformed into the luxurious Kapama Karula and was opened to much local and international acclaim, which was the epitome of luxury, ushering in a new era of game lodge design.

In the summer of 2008, a neighboring property called GwalaGwala was acquired and incorporated into the Kapama Private Game Reserve. This included close to 4km of the perennial Klaserie River front. The doors to a revamped tented camp called Karula, meaning ‘Place of Peace’ were opened in 2009. The revamp included adding 5 Luxury Suites with their own private swimming pools, to the existing 7 luxury tents.

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Wildlife Gallery

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Out on Safari

We first caught a glimpse of the beautiful Guernsey pride cubs in April 2015 who were born in December 2014.

Nine months later they are sighted resting in a tree. They have matured into fierce predators. These beautiful creatures have been taught to stalk small prey and will later be introduced to larger species. For the time being, life is great for these cubs with much exploring and learning occurring.

We are very proud to introduce our guests to the two latest members of the Guernsey pride, born nearby Kapama Karula. Our ranger, Gregory Heasman, noticed lioness tracks moving up and down a road, 700 meters from Kapama Karula.

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New vehicles for new safari experiences

Confidence to explore

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Out with the old and in with the new - Kapama Southern Camp was recently blessed with a new fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers!

Designed to become the vehicle to satisfy the needs of the ranger that desires higher performance to complete our guests thrilling safari experience.

The new fleet not only includes a brand new exterior beige colour with a modern wood finish, but also goes way beyond by adding commodious and comfortable seats.

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Women's month at Kapama

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Leadership has three valuable aspects: To listen, to inspire and to empower. On that note we pay tribute to our 187 exceptional women at Kapama. Since 1986 a team of outstanding women has played a vital role in the success of the Game Reserve.

The combined passion and positivity manifests in every aspect of their work. We admire these strong and wonderful women for continually aspiring to inspire, to listen and to empower.

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