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Kapama is greener than ever - and it’s not from rain

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Green initiatives and sustainable development are not new concepts at Kapama. The reserve has been going greener for quite a while - and this applies to all the lodges.

Southern Camp, however, is leading the way with solar heating, inverter air conditioning and heat pump technology - not only at the lodge, but also at the staff accommodation. Most recently, a recycling operation has been established, and all Kapama’s lodges separate and recycle waste at the reserve’s dedicated recycling plant, in accordance with set recycling standards. Waste water is also being recycled for re-use. With advice from neighbouring Kruger National Park, which has been purifying and reusing waste water for a long time, Kapama now follows the same practice and uses this purified water for irrigation at the lodges.

Southern Camp manager, Johan Esterhuizen, says: “We’re very proud to be a ‘green’ reserve and will continue to strive to be greener and greener.”