A dazzle of zebra!!

So there I was on drive this morning, tracking buffalo. As I came around a corner, a dazzle of zebra ran down the road. With the guests being very excited about seeing zebra for the first time, we tried to keep up with them.
All of a sudden we came across a “bush road block” A K A – flock of guinea fowl, who were spread out across the road. So we stopped and watched the guinea fowl for a while when the next moment a caracal jumped out of the bush, grabbed a guinea fowl and started running away. The startled guinea fowl having gotten the fright of their lives started fleeing in all directions. The caracal had disappeared back in the tall grass and alarm calls were heard around the vehicle from the startled guinea fowls. My guests had witnessed a kill. What an awesome sighting…
Long forgotten was the poor zebra.

After tracking our buffalo for about 45 minutes we found them in the southern area of the reserve.

Temperatures today, reaching a high of 23degC

Maggie Oosthuizen – (Kapama River Lodge Ranger)

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