Lion vs Rhino


What another eventful morning!! After an awesome Buffalo sighting, we took a slow relaxing drive back to the lodge. Just as we crossed one of the dam walls, one of my guests spotted 2 of our sub adult Lions lazing under a tree. We stopped to see if we could find the rest of the youngsters. After about three minutes, a Rhino cow and her 3-month old calf came walking towards the dam. The Lions immediately went into stalking-mode. Unaware of the eyes following their every movement, the Rhinos came closer to the water. Just as the cow started to drink, the action began… the Lions came charging straight towards them, with another 2 appearing from behind a bush. While trying to protect her calf, the Rhinos fled with 4 lions after them – the air filled with dust. Luckily the rhinos managed to escape, and the sulking Lions came back to the dam to wait for the next victim. What we thought would be a quiet relaxing drive, ended up with some cool action… It amazes me everyday how unpredictable, yet awesome, nature is!!
Maggie Oosthuizen-(Kapama River Lodge Ranger)

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One Response to “Lion vs Rhino”

  1. Nicolette says:

    Hi Maggie. You know you are very lucky to have a job like this.
    Enjoy every moment. To work with animals and in a beautiful environment like this…….
    You will find this no where else in the world. I wish I were you.
    Your friend from Cape Town,

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