It’s a month of babies at Kapama!

Mvubu (def): Shangaan for Hippopotamus

Part of our new arrivals is a Hippopotamus baby. It was spotted in one our many natural waterholes on the Reserve.

With a gestation period of 8 months, giving birth in water and its closest relative being the Whale, Hippo’s are magnificent creatures.

Known to be one of the most aggressive mammals in Africa; it is safe to say that we watched the mother and calf from quite a distance as they calmly lay in the water, but with an ever watchful eye on us!

Rangers Story: Jessicah Dunne

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One Response to “Mvubu!”

  1. Henry Esposito says:

    Hi Jess, This is Henry from Australia. You may remember Nick and I from our week with you and Becky in early May. I hope all is well with you. Write back and say Hi. We told the family about what a great ranger and tracker we had on our safari. We showed our pictures around to our friends and they came out so well that they don’t believe we took them. Anyway, the rest of our holiday went well too. Speak soon,
    P.S. Say hello to Shane as well.

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