Buffalo Torpedo!!

Once again looking for that elusive leopard, we where driving up north where we found tracks earlier the morning…driving from dam to dam keeping a watchful eye on the setting sun me and my tracker new the time was running out for walking in the bush! Passing one of the dams we saw about 5dagga boys (old male buffalo’s) feeding calmly in the middle of the dam on a little island. Silently I wondered how they got there because the water was still deep around the island. Suddenly they got spooked and to my surprise the one buffalo dived into the water going nose under, and .soon the rest followed. I must say it was my first time seeing buffalo swim through deep water with only the nose and horns above water!!!

They swam calmly to the other side, gave one shake and continued feeding!
What a sighting! Well, after that the search for the leopard continued ….no luck yet!!!

Story by: Jessicah Dunne-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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