img_3180I had some guests that had been at Kapama for two nights and were really rewarded with some incredible sightings, seeing almost every animal you could imagine apart from one and no it wasn’t the ‘elusive’ leopard it was the ‘elusive’ buffalo this time.
So we had one main mission this morning and that was to find a herd of African buffalo. I heard that the previous night a few of the other rangers had found a few buffalo around the southern part of the reserve so I decided to follow up. We tracked them for about 30mins before coming across one of the most amazing buffalo sightings I have seen. Two separate herds, each consisting of about 150+-, were about to join up at a waterhole. One herd was approaching from the west and the other from the east until they both met up, playing and drinking around the water.

It was awesome.
Story by : Calvin Du Plessis-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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