Excited to be back

I just got back from my week off and could not wait to get back in the bush! I got a group of 13 people for 2 days that have never been on a game drive before! I decided I will go and try my luck to see if I could show them a big male lion that the other rangers found in the morning drive! Lions sleep about 20 hours of the day or should I rather say they are inactive for most of the day, so I knew we will find them in the same area more or less.

On the way there we found a breeding herd of elephants that were on there way out of the river! They found some interest in a giraffe carcass that has been there for a couple of weeks. The breeding herd was relaxed so we had some pretty excellent views on the babies and the big ones pushing trees over! I decided to look for the lion afterwards and it was exactly the same spot as before after the sun set it got mobile and we were in for a treat as it decided to make sure that we knew it was his territory, and gave us a couple of roars ! he walk straight passed our vehicle and off into the bush, what a way to start.
Story by Hendrik Erasmus-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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