What is the BIGGEST rat you have ever seen?

The mere mention of the word “rat” makes many people cringe, but there is something special about the Greater Cane Rat. It is a giant rat with a relatively short tail and a more rounded head and face than your typical house rat. These rodents live in or close to water where among other plants they feed on bull rushes, sedges and reeds. The cane rat gnaws these plants off with its massive incisors. Cane rats are superb swimmers and spend the day resting or sleeping in a shallow bowl of sand or a bed of plants or grasses.

We discovered a cane rat sleeping below the pool deck at Kapama Main lodge this morning and it took little notice of all the spectators watching over it.

Westley Lombard

Senior ranger

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2 Responses to “What is the BIGGEST rat you have ever seen?”

  1. Tim says:

    Hi helen

    The cane rat can be found pretty much anywhere in SA, many of them are found on Sugar Cane farms munching away on the sugar cane, a real so called “pest” to the farmers because they eat all the sugar cane on the farm!

    I’m from durban myself and have on many occations caught my dog licking away at a cane rat!


  2. Helen says:

    Hi Tim & Westley

    I live in Edenvale JHB, this morning I walked out side and found a animal Ive never seen before sadly it was dead I think my dogs may have killed it, It was the cutest Huge creature Ive ever seen, I called SPCA and tried to describe it and thought it was a perry dog yeah lol I was very wrong about that one, I told the woman it kinda looked like a hedgehog and she mentioned Cane Rat so I googled “cane rat” and found your blog, I have to admit she could be right it looks like a cane rat weird thing is, what would a cane rat be doing in a suburban area in JHBand in Edenvale of all places? I wish I could of saved it…. Could you possibly tell me more about them?

    Thanking you


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