Three snakes in one day!


On a recent safari, I had the often asked question directed at me by a clearly nervous guest! “Do you have snakes here?”

This is probably the most frequently asked question we get as game rangers, I answered that although there are many snakes around, and we seldom see one.


This day was to be different, while watching a tortoise walk across the road, my tracker pointed out a Boom slang in the tree next to us. The name Boom slang literally means “tree snake”, as this is where it spends most of it’s time hunting birds, lizards and chameleons.


Next we came across a Puff Adder lying across the road, this snake accounts for the most bites on humans as it relies on its camouflage to escape detection, but often get stepped on, and then bites defensively.


By this time I could see the nervousness increase among some, “seldom seen?” Yeah right!


But it didn’t end there, on arrival back at the lodge, in front of the lodge main door; we came across a beautiful African Rock Python, soaking up the heat from the paving!


Goes to show that the African bush can deliver the unexpected very often!




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