This morning on my way to one of the dams where we usually find hippo’s I was distracted by a great number of vultures roosting in the trees. As they were all concentrated in one area it suggested that there might be a kill in the area. So the search began to find whatever did attract all these birds to this area and maybe, if we were lucky, find some lions there as well.

Unfortunately that particular area is covered with very thick bush and lots of erosion sites and gullies so it is not easy to get around, going in on foot also was not an option as the lioness with two three month old cubs was likely in that area and would not be feeling friendly towards us walking into her.

Eventually we narrowed the area down to just up the bank of the dry riverbed we were driving in, lots of vultures here and tracks for the male a lioness and her cubs. Unfortunately there was no way we could get where we wanted to go as the sides were too steep. We had to give up, the “hunt” does not always end successful. Luckily the hippo’s were close by and we had a very nice sighting of those lazying about in the water

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