More lion interaction at Kapama!

img_3035This evening was yet another eventful evening on the reserve.  Four of our female lions were found on a zebra kill earlier in the day so we set off from the lodge to see if we could relocate them in the area. At the beginning of drive the lions were sleeping a short distance from the zebra kill. Their stomachs were full and unfortunately for us at that time we were only able to see the black backs of their ears in the short grass. So we decided to try our luck elsewhere and return a bit later to check up on them. As we drive away from the sighting we saw some wildebeest and warthogs. Then as we passed the next turning my tracker turned to me and told me to reverse as he thought he could see something lying in the road in the distance. Sure enough when we reversed and went to look there was a young female leopard in the road! With cameras at the ready and in total silence we approached slowly so as not to disturb her. Our plan worked and we were able to watch her and take some amazing photos. Soon afterwards she stood up and walked along the road, marking her territory as she went. Still maintaining a distance we followed her for another 10 minutes until she left the road and went into thick bush. Satisfied with our sighting we left her and went for a sundowner to celebrate our success. After a lovely drink in an open area with a herd of waterbuck grazing nearby and an African fish eagle perched on a nearby tree singing his famous song we decided to go back and see if there was any action at the lion kill. We couldn’t have been more fortunate with our timing. When we got there the 4 young females were lying in the road. As we approached the kill, an older female of 4 years old approached with her two youngsters. The 4 lionesses in the road promptly jumped up and ran back towards their kill. The older female chased them away into the bush. She seemed to have the upper hand – probably because the other 4 young lions were tired and bloated! She then patrolled the road whilst her youngsters fed hungrily on the carcass. Every now and then the mother would run into the bush and we would hear a commotion from the lions in the darkness! One of the other rangers had a fantastic hyena sighting and was also fortunate enough to see an aardwark. Never a dull moment at Kapama!!          

 Story by:Sarah Sangster-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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4 Responses to “More lion interaction at Kapama!”

  1. Vicki Emard says:

    My husband and I are planing on visiting your resort next May and after reading this blog… I so much hope we will have the chance to experience this unique adventure! Our travel agent is working on our dream as we speak.

    My husband is a ranger and a one of the very few remaining trappers here in Canada, so no need to tell you how excited he is at the perspective to live this one in South Africa!

    We are actually building a new house in the woods so we can get closer to wild animals such as wolves ans bears. Let’s trade a bear or 2 for a lion! How about that! 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll meet next May!

    Vicki Emard

  2. Wendy Gardner says:

    My husband I visted Kapama back in June, I was wondering if I could send a photo to Calvin and Tully, Is there an email address one can send photos to?

  3. Het verhaal gelezen! Kreeg weer helemaal de kriebels om terug te gaan! Wij zijn bij jullie geweest vanaf de 9 juli tot 10 juli. Was een combinatie reis via continal naar de wk finale. Wij hebben het super gehad bij jullie! We hebben de big 5 gezien helemaal fantatisch! De olfifanten hebben veel indruk gemaakt liepen vlak langs onze jeep zo geweldig. Het verhaal van de zebra ook mee gemaakt. En avonds hebben we het jachtluipaard gezien en de leeuwen die we alleen via de lamp zodra die erop schijn zagen! En naast ons hoorde we de leeuwen lopen zo spannnend! Film net terug gezien die we hadden gemaakt van de safari helemaal geweldig!!!! Wij zijn helemaal verliefd geworden ook het park ontbrak aan niks! Zeer lux en de mensen zijn super aardig!!! Nogmaals willen we John bedanken onze gids voor de mooie momenten die hij ons heeft laten zien. Hadden echt het gevoel dat hij zijn best deed om ons helemaal te laten genieten! En dat hebben we gedaan wat hebben mooie diefren gezien en van zo dichtbij. Geweldig geweldig! Groetjes uit Nederland

  4. afra g says:

    oh wow wat an amzing sighting!! i wish we were still there:( haha we also saw hyena and arrdwark last week monday it was amazing:):) thanks kapama and divan;)

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