The opening of a season

Everyday after a long dry season we all wonder, when will the weather change? Tonight we witnessed the opening of a new season, the rainy season. Days are hot and humid, and usually end with a refreshing thunderstorm. The next morning game drives are refreshing, and all animals act like they have been given new life.

The rainy season is also baby season, with most of our antelopes dropping their young late October or early November. Even though the bush becomes lush, predators seem to feel the change, and roughly only 50% of these newcomers will see the New Year. Those who make it will see the seasons change again as the cycle goes on.

Tonight before game drive we had the usual hot and humid day, and with clouds building on the Northern face of the Drakensberg Mountain, I could not help to think that just maybe today we will get the long promised rain. And now, whilst sitting typing, we are in the middle of the opening of a new season…

Story by by Wynand Erasmus van Niekerk, River Lodge Ranger

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2 Responses to “The opening of a season”

  1. Gordon Myers says:

    Looking forward to seeing you late December!

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