No one is perfect

The last week I have seen more giraffes than in all my time as a guide put together. Maybe it’s got something to do with the bit of rain we’ve had and some of the acacias flowering and growing new leaves. I am definitely not complaining as they are one of the animals everyone always wants to see. They just seem to have a certain something about them. They are elegant, graceful and just plain beautiful. With their long legs and perfectly curled eyelashes they are loved by all.

We always look at them and think how perfect they are but like most of us they also have minor flaws…  although they might be pretty but they are quite  smelly, and this goes to show that none of us are really perfect.

Marilize Minnaar

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6 Responses to “No one is perfect”

  1. Izzy says:

    Hi Marileze! Thanks again for the amazing time at Kapama river lodge. We all thought it was the experience of a lifetime. I don’t know if you remember i gave you my email? I hope i wrote it down correctly because i really want to get in touch with you again! I ordered “game ranger in my backpack” that you reccomended! I hope it arrives soon! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!

  2. alok patel says:

    hi marilize , i m from india , last week i was at kapama , it was a great time, and when you saw lot of giraffes last week , we were with you on that safari, it was really a good time at kapama and your hospitality was really awsome.

  3. Maddalena e Marco says:

    Ciao Marilize,
    reading your stories, bring us to those fantastic days spent at Kapama.
    It was amazing to see how nature is great and we look forward to come back to Africa…even if we’re sure we’ll not find any ranger good like you!!!
    Thank you so much for the great time!!!!
    We’ll continue to read your blog….and keep emotions alive!!! 😉

    Marco e Maddalena ( Honeymooner from 3rd Oct to 7th Oct)

    • Liezel Holmes, Head Ranger, Kapama River Lodge says:

      Thanks Macro and Maddalena
      We are glad that you are keeping up to date with news from Kapama. We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us and that you have lots of great memories of the wonderful nature at Kapama. We look forward to welcoming you back again one day soon.

  4. Mary Joe says:

    Hi Marilize
    I love the ranger’s blog. I will be visiting Kapama game reserve in Feb. next year and cannot wait! I visit this site every day and I feel like I already have a foot in Kapama. See you all soon

    • Liezel Holmes, Head Ranger, Kapama River Lodge says:

      Thanks for your interest in our blog. We look forward to welcoming you at Kapama in February.

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