Civet and Jackal fight!

One of the big advantages of our night drives, is that we often encounter creatures normally not seen or less seen during the day.  Last night we were fortunate enough to came across a group of Black Backed Jackal. Two adults and 2 younger pups. We were not there for too long when we spotted a Civet unknowingly heading straight towards the Jackals.  At the last moment the Civet spotted the jackal family, but by that time it was too late, as the jackals launched a vicious attack on the poor civet, biting and chasing it away in a very aggressive manner.

Never ever have I witnessed interaction between these two species, and we were all fascinated. Eventually the Civet high tailed it out of the vicinity with loud grunts and growls with all it’s hair on end making him appear twice his actual size.

This was one sighting that’s memory will stay with us for quite a wile.

Westley Lombard –  Kapama Lodge Ranger

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2 Responses to “Civet and Jackal fight!”

  1. Johan Esterhuizen says:

    Hi Cathie

    It is good to know you enjoyed your stay at River Lodge. Yes Felix is still around and doing well. He is getting quite old for a wild lion at about 14 years, but as long as his females look after him well, food wise, he might still be around some time and who knows… you might even still get to see him with your next visit.

    Kind regards

  2. Cathie says:

    We visited your River Lodge in Feb 2008 and loved it and have highly recommended anyone who asked. We were wondering if Felix the Lion is still prowling the grounds?

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