Night Drive-story by Ryan Roodt

Last night I did a night drive with some guests from France. The drive started fairly quietly, however we did see a number of different raptors, including a Dark Chanting Goshawk, a Lizzard Buzzard, a Steppe Buzzard and a pair of Whalberg’s Eagles. We also saw a pair of juvenile pale morph Tawny Eagles being mobbed by some Fork Tailed Drongos. It is not uncommon to see eagles being mobbed by Drongos. They do this to keep the eagles away from their nesting sites and to prevent the eagles from eating their young. Our buffalo herds are quite fragmented at the moment, probably as a result of the recent rains and the wide availability of food and water. We encountered buffalo around ever corner. We were also lucky enough to see 5 rhinos – 2 females, 2 youngsters and 1 bull. The bull seemed interested in mating with the female but he was firmly rejected on this occasion. We ended our drive with a fantastic sighting of 5 female lions – I older female and 4 sub-adults rapidly reaching maturity. In true lion style they were sleeping peacefully at one of the dams in the south of the reserve.

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3 Responses to “Night Drive-story by Ryan Roodt”

  1. Juan José says:

    We were on Kapama Karula on October. I’ve been trying to get Ryan’s email address to share some pictures with the group. Would you be so kind to send us his email address?

    Best regards.

  2. Mike Kirkman says:

    Hello Mr Stoll
    If you arrange in advance and let us know you have a group specifically interested in birding we would be happy to arrange it. Ideally if you can get a group of 6 or more we should be able to arrange a vehicle just for your group. Recently we took part in the Big Birding Day (see blog) and even though we only were able to do an afternoon session and a night shift we still managed to see/hear 154 birds. We also have some special birds like Finfoot, Pels Fishing Owl, Trogons, White Backed Night Heron, etc… as well as a huge variety of raptors.
    As I say let us know in advance and we can make sure that the “Birders” amongst the rangers are available.
    See you in August.
    Mike Kirkman

  3. Rainer Stoll says:

    hi friends,

    i will come with a family group in august 2011. i have another company and i want to know, if you also organise birdingtrips for birdwatchers in Kapama?

    thanks for your answer in advance


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