(Video) Cheetah on our doorstep…

It is often that adjectives  like “awesome”, “wonderful” & “incredible” find their way onto this blog because of all that nature’s got to offer. Not always though does it describe the truly “UNBELIEVABLE” occurrences that sometimes happen…

Two days ago me and Westley were standing just outside the Kapama Lodge main entrance door when we suddenly heard the herd of Impala going ballistic were they were grazing happily just minutes ago. We immediately knew something was up, as you could hear by their alarm snorts that they were deeply distressed. We were aware of a female Cheetah in the vicinity of the lodge, and we had some idea that they might just have spotted her…. Nothing however could prepare us for what happened next…

As we tried to figure out which direction the Impala were looking, they suddenly just scattered in all directions in full flight. Me and Westley stood there not knowing if we should maybe also run amids all the chaos. It was then when we spotted the cheetah coming from the bushes towards the door and immediately she targeted a young impala lamb that managed to make it’s way toward the lodge onto our driveway.  The cheetah did not stop her charge because of our presence and got a hold of the poor impala lamb who desperately tried to free it self from the firm strangle hold in which the cheetah had it.

In true cheetah style the impala lamb was dismissed quickly and efficiently and she immediately started dragging the carcass away to the bushes just opposite the lodge where they found her later on drive, thoroughly enjoying  her “not so hard earned” meal.

This whole incident lasted mere seconds but it took us almost half an hour getting over the hysterical laughs and total dis- believe at what we just witnessed. As luck would have it, Suzette  had been playing around with a video camera that day and above all odd’s happen to be at the right time and the right place to capture the last moments of this truly amazing incident…

Just shows again that you never know what is going to happen next in the African bush.

Johan Esterhuizen

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3 Responses to “(Video) Cheetah on our doorstep…”

  1. Johan Esterhuizen says:

    Hallo Valerie, it is fantastic to hear that you are following our Ranger’s Blog. You are welcome to send the Leopard photos to me directly and I will make sure to get it to Richard somehow. My adress is johan.esterhuizen@kapama.com.

    Keep well and good luck with the Canadian winter…

  2. Valerie Marien says:

    What a fantastic experience! I am happily following your ranger blog and reliving our experiences from our trip in February. Having been there, it really comes to life for me. Our trip was an experience that we will never forget!

    I have finally been able to create a file of leopard pictures for Richard Venter. I’ll send it to the e-mail address that he provided. Would you kindly send me another ranger’s contact, so that I can send it to someone else as well and he or she could forward to Richard? (I’m not getting any response). Not sure if that is an error on my part. Someone did kindly reply to my first enquiry, but I can’t find it!

    Alas – Canadian winters affect the brain! We are just entering Spring – had snow yesterday AGAIN for our Easter weekend. It’s a bit much! Hopefully that’s the last of it. Enjoy those African sunsets!

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