The Buffalo Herd at Dusk

This afternoon we were out looking for some game, we came across some fresh buffalo tracks. After following the tracks for a while, they led as straight to a small watering hole. The most spectacular sighting started to manifest. We were surrounded by a herd of at least 200 buffalo. Some were drinking water, others nearly submerged. The calves were playing and rolling around in the mud. The way the light reflected off the water and silhouetted the trees in the distance made for a magical experience

Story By: FW de Klerk

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One Response to “The Buffalo Herd at Dusk”

  1. Kosta says:


    I visited your wonderful reserve in December of 2002. I’ll never forget two lionesses hoping to hunt from a herd of buffalo. The alpha female would have none of it however. She chased one of the lionesses into a tree (I have a great picture of that) and we watched her sister get chased around by the buffalo. It was amazing!

    PS. I wonder if Riaan is still there. He was a great ranger.

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