The huntress

The first two weeks that I have worked at Kapama have been filled with some amazing sightings and experiences, ranging from Lion kills to Pangolins. One of the highlights was when we found our large male lion and female dozing lazily in the road close to River lodge; we stopped the game viewer and watched as the loins enjoyed the last rays of the afternoon sun. After about five minutes the female began to stir as she yawned displaying her massive canines that can range from 6 to 10 cm’s, we could see that she was focused on something about 50 meters away. Before we could see what she was looking at, she sprang into action and headed straight for a termite mound and in an explosion of dust; we soon realized what she had killed a juvenile warthog. She had just proved again that lions don’t need to limber up before attempting a chase. The irony of it all was when the male just walked over, took the warthog from her and devoured the entire thing without leaving her anything for her hard work; she just lay down and started grooming herself, accepting her role as the huntress.

Story By: Tuhan Steyn- Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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2 Responses to “The huntress”

  1. We had a wonderful time in August. Maggie was a great ranger. We saw it all and just sitting in the midst of a herd of elephants, cape buffalo, and seeing a lion eating a kill was so exciting. Two giraffes fighting was a show of its own. We sent pictures back for the Kampala files. Fletcher and Martha Derrick, Charleston, SC. USA.

  2. toni Stevens says:

    Hello Tuhan,
    What an incredible story.
    My daughter,Jennifer (Jenni Jo) McLaughlin Austin,son-in-law Matt Austin, and I will be staying with you November 21-24.
    Jenni Jo and Matt live in Joburg. I fly into JoBurg Nov. 19, from Portland, Oregon U.S.A. They are treating me to this adventure, which happens to be #1 on my “Bucket List”. Having a career as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Inspector puts me over the moon to see your incredible creatures up close and personal.
    If there is anything I can bring to you from the U.S. please do not hesitate to tell me and I will see what I can do.
    Yours truly,
    p.s. I hope we are lucky enough to witness a lioness enjoying her own snack without sharing with His Majesty.

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