An adrenalin rush

It was a crisp Sunday morning when my tracker, our guests and I set out on our morning game drive. The previous day the guests mentioned their interest in the cheetahs that have recently been released into the reserve. So, we set off on our “mission”.

As we ventured into the new property of the reserve, my tracker picked up fresh tracks for the cheetahs and, of course, we decide to follow them. Close to where we were driving, another ranger called in a leopard sighting. However, I could sense that we were getting closer to these cheetahs so we carried on following their tracks.

Finally, we found the cheetahs! We had completed our “mission” and the guests were ecstatic, taking tons of photos. They moved on to drink some water at a dam called TK dam. This sighting was great! They were so relaxed. Then, all of a sudden, the leopard that was spotted not far away came out of the bush and chased the two cheetahs.

It was such a thrill yet we were all worried about the cheetahs as leopards are a great deal stronger. Luckily, we found the cheetahs again. They were a little shaken up but were doing alright. Fortunately for them the leopard disappeared into the bush heading in the opposite direction.

I am glad to point out that the two cheetahs have not been chased by any other cats again. Hopefully it will stay that way as they are an extremely vulnerable and extravagant species.


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