Weights and lifespans

Adding to my previous story on the 3rd of May 2013 about the gestation periods and the amounts of young that are born, I would like to give you the next set of numbers for these animals and also things that we as ranger should know as it is asked by a lot of people.

In the list below I will be giving the weights of these animals and then also there estimated live spans:

Animal: Body Weight: Lifespan:
Vervet monkey M- 6kg F- 4kg 12
Baboon M- 33kg F-15kg 18
Pangolin 5 – 18kg 12
Porcupine 12 – 18kg 15
African Wild Dog 20 – 30kg 12
Blacked backed jackal 7 – 10kg 10
Honey Badger 8 – 14kg 20
Dwarf Mongoose 350 – 400 grams 6
Spotted Hyena M- 60kg F- 80kg 20
Lion M- 190kg F- 130kg M- 10 F- 14 (18)
Leopard M- 90kg F- 60kg 21
Cheetah 40 – 60kg 16
Elephant M- 7 tons F- 4tons 50 – 60
White Rhino M- 2000kg F- 1800Kg 40
Giraffe M- 1200kg F-800kg 28
Impala M- 65kg F- 40kg 12
Blue Wildebeest M- 250kg F- 180kg 18
Waterbuck M- 260kg F-250kg 17
Nyala M- 115kg F- 60kg 15
Kudu M-300kg F-210kg 18
Zebra 300 – 320kg 20

Stefan De Weerd

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