When we started our safari, it was overcast here on Kapama. The wind was extremely strong, going from north to south. This was unfortunate as we were going against the wind. However, my tracker, Stanley, spotted some fresh lion tracks which was promising as the wind would cover tracks that were any older.

We were following for about ten minutes when we got out the car to check where they had gone. Once we were out the car, we heard the sound of roaring, angry lions. Was it because we were too close? Were they growling at us? As we slowly walked back to the vehicle, we realized that it was the lions that were fighting with each other, probably over a kill.

We fetched the car and drove in the direction of the growling. We found the pride of lions feeding on a zebra kill. Unfortunately, my guests were too sad for the zebra so we didn’t stay for long. But that is nature – it can be beautiful but cruel at the same time.

John – Kapama River Lodge

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