Our Feline Filled Morning

One morning, we left the lodge for the last morning drive for the guests. They hadn’t seen any cats at all, and I heard that there were lions that were seen around a dam the night before. I decided that we would try and find them again, so we followed the tracks until we found them. It was three females with a young male cub. We stayed there for a while, waiting for the next ranger to come and view them. Once we had left, we drove down the road, when all of a sudden; a cheetah crossed the road in front of us! Wow! From seeing not a single cat to seeing 2 in an hour! We had to stop for a drink to calm our nerves. After the nice, warm cup of coffee, we were all warm and our nerves were gone. I then heard over the radio that they had just found a leopard not too far away from where we were, so I decided to take a stand by for it. We slowly made our way to the leopard, and after viewing it for a while, we decided it was breakfast time, and made our way back to the lodge for breakfast.

Story by Bryan (River Lodge)

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