Looking for giants

Elephants drinking

Elephants drinking

When we left the lodge for the morning game drive on 2 June 2014, elephants were top of mind. We wanted to see the giants of the African bush, and just five minutes into the drive my hopes were raised. I saw a disc-shaped print in the sand. It was the size of a dinner plate. Right next to it lay a pile of dung, still steaming it was so fresh.

I immediately stopped the vehicle, got out and pointed out the footprint to the guests on the game drive. “Do you know what this is?” I asked them with a knowing smile. Answers of “giraffe” and “rhino” came firing back at me, and then finally one guest said it: “Elephants.”

“Yes, yes,” I answered animatedly, “and the dung is so fresh, we can definitely follow the tracks.” A soft cheer came from the back of the vehicle as guests couldn’t contain their excitement. They knew an adventure had just begun.

I thought it wouldn’t take long before we found the elephant herd, but I was very wrong. The elephants were on a mission of their own, searching for another elephant herd in the area. Two-and-a-half hours later and a strong cup of coffee to modify my search plan, and then suddenly we heard a trumpet from deep in the bush.

“What was that?” a guest asked curiously. Tracker Cazwell Mmola answered back: “Elephants. And they are close.” We quickly packed up the coffee picnic and rushed in their direction. An open patch appeared in the bush and there they were: a herd of majestic African elephants, quietly drinking water from a small mud pan. Some guests sighed in relief, others in wonder, and cameras clicked in the excitement of the sighting. We stayed for 20 minutes, soaking up the experience and then left the herd to continue their daily routine.

The American gentleman sitting behind me, tapped me gently on my shoulder and said: “This truly was a morning dedicated to following Africa’s giants.”

Written by Rassie Jacobs, ranger: Kapama River Lodge
Edited by Keri Harvey


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5 Responses to “Looking for giants”

  1. Luciana says:

    Kapama é fantástico, vimos mtas coisas lindas e a estadia é maravilhosa, comida boa e gente hospitaleira. Bjo Lu

  2. Horacio Baena says:

    The best trip of my life, the experience at Kapama will never be forgotten. Everything was perfect. Recommendable 100%. If you want to do a safari, Kapama is the place to get the most of it.
    El mejor viaje de mi vida, la experiencia en Kapama nunca podre olvidarla. Todo fue perfecto, recomendable 100%. Si usted quiere hacer un safari, Kapama es el lugar perfecto para obtener lo maximo de este.

  3. Chloe Propp says:

    They truly are the most magnificent animals. They were fascinating to watch. I am looking forward to my next visit to Kapama.

  4. Vincent et Sophie says:

    Excellent et magique séjour, nous n’oublierons jamais notre voyage au kapama

  5. Marie says:

    Le récit me rappelle le fabuleux séjour, trop court, que j’aie fait dans le parc de Kapama.
    Les rangers sont des gens fabuleux qui savent nous faire partager leur expérience, mettre des étoiles dans nos yeux et laisser des souvenirs inoubliables dans nos mémoires.

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