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Reptiles in winter

As winter disappears and the sun blesses us with warmer days, we tend to see more and more tracks of snakes and other reptiles across the roads. Often we get the question in winter whether we will be seeing some snakes. Mostly because most people are terrified of...

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A protected family

This morning on game drive we stopped at a beautiful watering hole where we had a family (called a pod) of hippos. The family of four hippos was on the one side of the watering hole with another big male hippo on the other side. Things soon became a bit messy as the...

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An Adventure

After setting out on my guests’ first game drive ever, we came across some buffalo tracks. We followed them for about half an hour and found a big herd in the middle of the road heading straight towards us. It was a really special sighting; the whole herd, young,...

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The Art of Tracking

Tracking may be among the oldest of the sciences. It is also one of the most revealing: trackers gain a detailed understanding of animal behavior through the interpretation of their tracks and other signs, accumulating information – especially on rare or nocturnal...

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The night without a camera

It all started one afternoon when I was running a bit late, so I forgot to bring my camera along. I always have my camera on me because you never know when you will have an experience of a lifetime. We were driving around, not knowing what to look for, when I heard...

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A tribute

The bush is a limitless classroom of knowledge. Some people have the gift of sharing and showing the knowledge they have gained in the years of spending endless hours in the bush! Today I want to pay tribute and show my greatest gratitude to such a person; Given...

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First drops

The first rains of the raining season have finally come, raining 27mm over the last 4 days. Although being a bit early this year, it is welcomed by all the animals and even more by all the trees that have been waiting for this the whole dry season. In about two weeks...

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Through the eye of the ranger

The beauty of living in nature is being able to see life as it is. We see the sun rise in the mornings and the sun set in the afternoon. The amazing thing that we realize is that everyday has a new surprise in it; you never know how the day will end. It doesn’t matter...

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Rewards of the bush

We have been blessed with some much needed and refreshing rain over the last couple of days. This of course will ensure that the trees and grasses out here will go green and provide nutritious food for all the herbivores in the bush. On our very wet evening game...

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The African sky

In Africa, in the bush specifically, we are fortunate enough to have one of the most beautiful sights of the night sky. Throughout the whole year, over all the seasons, we watch how the stars change and move. The summer sky is my personal favourite. The winter sky is...

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The determination of a mother

On our morning drive my tracker and I came across some fresh lion tracks. I asked my guests if they would like to try follow them and they said we should try. After following the tracks for about half an hour we came across the female lioness and she was stalking some...

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Fresh Meat

We set of on drive this morning at about 6 am, not knowing what to expect. After about 40 minutes we came across an incredible sighting, which turned out to be one of the best I have had on Kapama. As we came around one of the bends, BOOM, there’s a lioness dragging a...

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The Great Encounter

Finding lions is an amazing and rewarding experience, especially when we find our newly extended pride of thirteen lions. My tracker Alfi and I decided to look for this pride so that the guests could see the cubs – three that are around seven months old, and six that...

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The majestic hippo

Hippopotamus amphibious is one of the most remarkable animals in Africa. The hippo is an aquatic mammal and thrives in the rivers and dams in Africa. They do everything in the water except eat and breathe and are extremely territorial, especially the males because...

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Extended Safari

On one of our morning drives we wanted to drive in an area where there had been a lot of leopard activity. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the male and female decided to part ways and only leave tracks for us to follow. That resulted in a full two and a half...

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Nature at its best (or worst)

After a heartbreaking event of a female leopard losing one of her cubs by a male lion last week, we all wanted to help the leopard but unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. This infanticide behavior is known to be the norm for predators, so we had to let...

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The southern sky Part 1

The southern hemisphere has some of the most beautiful constellations in the night sky; for e.g: The Southern cross: the Southern cross points out the southern direction and its also the only constellation that is visible all year round. It consists of the four...

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Small but brave

On a warm afternoon safari, my tracker and I decided to try and find a pride of lions that had been spotted earlier that day. We call this specific pride the Moria pride as their territory runs mostly in an area that we call Moria. As we started tracking, we came...

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