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Fresh Meat

We set of on drive this morning at about 6 am, not knowing what to expect. After about 40 minutes we came across an incredible sighting, which turned out to be one of the best I have had on Kapama. As we came around one of the bends, BOOM, there’s a lioness dragging a...

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The Great Encounter

Finding lions is an amazing and rewarding experience, especially when we find our newly extended pride of thirteen lions. My tracker Alfi and I decided to look for this pride so that the guests could see the cubs – three that are around seven months old, and six that...

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The majestic hippo

Hippopotamus amphibious is one of the most remarkable animals in Africa. The hippo is an aquatic mammal and thrives in the rivers and dams in Africa. They do everything in the water except eat and breathe and are extremely territorial, especially the males because...

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Extended Safari

On one of our morning drives we wanted to drive in an area where there had been a lot of leopard activity. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the male and female decided to part ways and only leave tracks for us to follow. That resulted in a full two and a half...

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Nature at its best (or worst)

After a heartbreaking event of a female leopard losing one of her cubs by a male lion last week, we all wanted to help the leopard but unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. This infanticide behavior is known to be the norm for predators, so we had to let...

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The southern sky Part 1

The southern hemisphere has some of the most beautiful constellations in the night sky; for e.g: The Southern cross: the Southern cross points out the southern direction and its also the only constellation that is visible all year round. It consists of the four...

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Small but brave

On a warm afternoon safari, my tracker and I decided to try and find a pride of lions that had been spotted earlier that day. We call this specific pride the Moria pride as their territory runs mostly in an area that we call Moria. As we started tracking, we came...

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Off-roading for the king

It was a warm Friday afternoon in Kapama. My guests and I were on the trail of lions. My tracker, Lot, got the tracks and we followed them for quite some time, at least an hour and a half, when we were about to give up thinking all hope was lost. Then, we heard the...

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Sounds of the bush

Alarm calls of different animals can tell amazing stories and give away the location of the most elusive predators. Whilst on game drive this afternoon we had an experience where the alarm calls of a troop of baboons gave away the location of a female leopard. We were...

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The fearless honey badger.

So many times there have been stories told about the honey badger that is tough and fearless. This morning our mission was to find some lions. We had an idea where to start looking for a specific pride of lions and so we took off from River Lodge. On our way to this...

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The Hunt

Thousands of people go on safari every year, many with great expectations of seeing Africa’s beasts in action. Witnessing a hunt of any sort is often a very thrilling exciting insight to a way of survival long forgotten by modern day man. I am privileged enough to...

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New life

Going on safari is an experience where you can be a part of nature and the surroundings. Being part of a lion hunting its prey is extreme excitement, suspense, action and drama, all at once. But seeing the opposite is heart warming. Coming back from an amazing morning...

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Secrets in the tall grass

Moving into an area where a leopard has been seen earlier in the day, my guests could sense that I and my good friend and tracker Steven were looking for something special and rare. So they asked me what I was looking for, but I laughed and said that they just have...

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Why do the big cats scratch the trees?

This is a question that I get quite regularly as a ranger. Therefore, I decided to shed some light on the topic. Scratching their claws on trees is typical of most cats and is done for various reasons. They do this in order to keep their claws sharp so that hunting...

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Why are there holes on the side of termite mounds?

This is a question we as rangers get on a regular basis from our guests. As we drive out into the bush on safari we drive past many triangular shaped heaps of soil. “What is this?” This is a termite mound; the worker termites will build this architectural masterpiece...

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Unexpected surprise

On one of my night drives, I had guests from one of the other lodges that spent a night at river lodge. At the other lodge they had already seen 4 of the big 5 - lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant. So I knew I had to try find rhino and something rare. I went out to...

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Why is the rhino so special?

Rhinos are part of a very complex family. There are five different species. The white rhino The black rhino The Sumatran rhino The Indian rhino The Javan rhino The biggest problem is that rhinos cannot breed like antelope. The reason for that is because their...

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Commotion at the Klaserie

The Klaserie River is low now due to low rainfall and that enables us to view the hippos nicely. This afternoon we got them sleeping on the sandbank just out side the water. While watching the hippos, we saw a Pied Kingfisher trying to get his last fish before the sun...

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