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Bush Skills

A couple of days ago, my guests asked me to do a guided walk, specifically to go out and look for one of Africa’s notorious Big 5. They were really interested in experiencing the bush at a more in depth level than from the normal way – on the back of a game vehicle....

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An Unforgettable Day in Africa

What an amazing day out in the African bush! I have been guiding for 5 years and can honestly say that today has been one of the most exiting days I have ever experienced. It all started this morning when we headed out for our morning safari. After driving for about...

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Dwarf mongoose (Helogale parvula)

The dwarf mongoose looks like a normal mongoose, short legs, small ears, long tail and a big head. It is the smallest of the mongoose family (18 – 28 cm, 210 – 350 grams). They are also known as the smallest carnivore in Africa. The colours can range from yellowish...

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New born on Kapama

This morning we went out on a relaxed game drive. We saw many plains game, roaming around and interacting with one another. We went to the river where there are some hippo and lots of birds to see. We stopped there for a few minutes just to enjoy the view when we then...

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The years first

Today was a wonderful day! Before we left the lodge, we had a slight drizzle starting. All of my guests put on the ponchos I offered them and we set off for game drive. Not long after we started, the drizzle stopped and the sun came out. Our first sighting was of two...

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Handling her babies gently

For some reason, everyone likes to see new born babies - lions, elephants, zebra, giraffes, etc. However, some species are not that easy to find when there are babies around. This morning, we were lucky enough to see baby hyena pups. We went to the den where we would...

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Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus)

The waterbuck is quite a large antelope, with a coarse, shaggy grey – brown coat and can easily be identified by its distinctive white ring on its rump. Only the bull carries the long, ringed horns. There is usually a white band present on the upper throat, with a...

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Lion vs. Leopard

Interspecific competition in ecology is a form of competition in which individuals of different species compete for the same resource in an ecosystem (eg: food or living space). A few days ago, while on a game drive, we witnessed this form of competition when our...

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The wonder

We began our game drive at 16:30 and started looking for some general game as it was the first game drive for these guests. We were driving for about 20 minutes when I heard that they had just found a leopard. I decided to respond to the leopard sighting as it is the...

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The tension is building up in Africa

After the two days of them having disappeared, we found the southern male lion and one of the females, yesterday together, next to the dam. As we approached the sighting, the male did not show his appreciation for us being there. He started growling at the vehicle,...

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A day does not go by without a story in Africa

One morning drive, one of the other rangers called tracks of our big male and female lions on the radio and asked for someone to come and help. When I got to the area, I saw how fresh these signs were and decided it is worth our time to follow these big cats. As we...

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Times to remember

What can I say? Whenever we witness such beauty in the bush, it has to be shared and blogged. And the animal in question tonight is no stranger to blog stories. Two nights in a row we have been blessed to see the magnificent leopard male. Monday evening it was...

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Night life

Everyday on Kapama is a busy day for the rangers. We enjoy what we do, but for us it’s relaxing to go to bed and sleep at night. The other night after a very interesting day full of wonderful sightings I went to bed and was exhausted. It was only a few minutes and I...

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An interesting match

My guests and I have been having a great time during our drives, watching general game as well as exciting animals such as lions and seeing them in their natural habitat. In one of our drives, just as the sun was starting to set, one of the guests on my vehicle...

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An evening to remember

Tonight, my guests and I followed a herd of elephants through a very big riverbed. The tracks were fresh therefore we knew we were close by. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the riverbed, trying for almost an hour to dig ourselves out. Luckily we managed to get out but...

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Less is more

We had a wonderful safari before the sun went down as we saw a lot of animals that are usually rare to see, especially during the day. When we started our safari, my tracker spotted an aardvark coming out of a hole inside a termite mound – we both smiled at one...

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We have had some amazing sightings of our three new lion cubs playing on the open plains. It is sad to say that two of the three have not survived – they were attacked by an older male lion that came into their territory. Needless to say, the surviving cub has...

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From the “Big 5” to the “Little 5”

Many people come to Africa to witness the infamous “Big 5” but what about the “Little 5”? We all know that the “Big5” are the Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Leopard. But then what are the “Little 5”? The Elephant Shrew: This is a small, mouse-like creature with a...

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