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The drizzle surprise

We started off this morning with a light drizzle coming down , nothing much so we decided to grab our rain coats and gear so that we could head out see what we can find. We weren’t expecting to see too much as we know what it can be like in the rain. As we go along to...

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Painted Dogs

With great surprise to most rangers, we have been very fortunate to have a pack of wild dogs on Kapama for the last few days. Wild dogs are not often seen but when they are they are amazing to watch and spend time with. They are the largest Canid in Africa and the...

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Every so often

Every so often, we witness something spectacular here on Kapama; something that we do not expect to experience. It is something that is not seen on a regular basis and, if seen, is an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime sighting. Something that deserves so much credit is a...

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Painted Wolf (Lycaon Pictus)

Painted Wolf, Wild Dog, Cape Hunting Dog are all words describing one of the most successful predators you'll get to witness on  a safari anywhere in Africa. We at Kapama were lucky enough to view a pack of these incredible animals for the last week now, probably (...

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The start of winter nights

As winter approaches there are big changes happening on the reserve. The lush green scenery is being dominated by more and more colours of brown and gold and one can see further and further into the bush. This does have its advantages in the sense of being able to...

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What do giraffes eat?

Every guide out there has had this question before “what do giraffes eat”? This seems to be a straight forward question and very easy to answer. Have you ever explained to your guests that giraffes feed almost exclusively on the succulent green leaves of the trees...

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A time of distraction

It is that time of year when there is no peace in the impala world. The males are running around all over and are engaged into a series of battle with one another hoping to gain dominance and females. While these males are fighting, however, other males are sneakily...

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The little things

Every day we wake up at 04:30am. All the rangers meet each other for an early morning meeting to discuss some strategic planning for the day. We have a cup of coffee; have a laugh not knowing what the day might bring to our doorsteps. Every day of our lives, its worth...

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Python vs Lion

On a pleasant night safari the other day my guests and I were coming towards the end of the safari drive, when out of the blue we happen upon one of the rarest sightings I have ever experienced. It all started earlier during the drive when we found  the young Southern...

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Africa’s surprise

We started our safari without a great expectation of seeing much as it was windy and raining. But sometimes, as guides and trackers, we know where the animals may hide so we go to those areas in order to please our guests. We decided to go to an area where we know...

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The Antlion “King of the sand dunes.”

This is a story about crafty fearsome lions, and no, not the kind that sends shivers up your spine when it roars... This kind of lion goes unnoticed by most.... THE ANTLION (family Myrmeleontidae). The ant-lion is a predator, particularly in the larval stage (pictured...

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The Kapama chelonians

On kapama we have three species of chelonians; the Speke’s hinged tortoise, the leopard tortoise and the Marsh terrapin. The most elusive of the big 5, is ironically is the most common of the “small” five. The Leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) also known as the...

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Always something different

The past few days have been a lot of fun. To start, in about an hour of our game drive, we saw a beautiful female cheetah drinking water at a close-by mud pan. While viewing her, out of the blue, far off the road, 3 lionesses were making their way towards us. Sadly...

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Frustration ends with a smile

It was the last morning drive of my guests’ two night stay here at Kapama River Lodge. We had been quite spoiled the previous three drives with a couple of really nice lion sightings and even the elusive leopard walking slowly down the road the night before. All we...

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Communication between animals

Unlike with humans, animals don’t have the ability to speak with each other, so animals communicate in their own special way using sounds, scent, visual display, touch, or other sensory signals. Typically, one signal only has one meaning; unlike with humans which can...

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The secret seven

This afternoon on game drive we had a beautiful sighting of a very rare and seldom-seen animal called a serval. We were able to observe the serval as it was scanning the long grass looking for some of its favorite food which includes small rodents like field mice and...

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The start

When arriving back from a week’s leave, I am always excited to get started with my first game drive for the month. So I took my new group of guests out with a large amount of enthusiasm. As we drove along we found some fresh lion tracks and decided to follow them. We...

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