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Team building

Consider a game lodge for your next team-building event. Kapama offers a number of team-building activities in an invigorating safari setting. These include: The Kapama Amazing Race, game capture participation, clay pigeon shooting and elephant interaction encounters.

The Kapama Amazing Race

R38 000 per group of up to 80 participants.

The Kapama Amazing Race is loosely based on the highly successful television reality show, but we use handheld GPS units to assist navigation throughout this African bush adventure.

Teams are in groups of seven or 10 people per game viewing vehicle, with the duration of the race being tailored to suit the available time. The race may even begin outside of Kapama Private Game Reserve, for example at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

In its typical format, the race begins with a 30-minute briefing and lasts three hours. This is roughly the same duration as a morning or evening game drive. Each team or vehicle of participants is issued with a GPS, a set of waypoints and questions, a map, a guide, a game viewing vehicle and a hypothetical budget. The objective is to reach as many waypoints as possible within the allotted three hours, as well as successfully answering the given questions. The GPS enables assessors to measure several key performance areas, such as the total distance covered, average speed, maximum speed and route chosen, among other things. The ‘budget’ provides the team with resources to buy information and any other requirements, but exceeding the speed limit and travelling too far will incur fines.

Revenue is earned by reaching each waypoint successfully and completing the designated tasks. Teams will be required to perform activities at each stopping point, such as tracking, driving blindfolded and identifying fauna and flora. Although the programme is designed to be thoroughly enjoyable, it is also possible to integrate corporate objectives or sales opportunities into the exercise. This is achieved by including company-related questions or messages into the waypoint questions.

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Game capture participation

R130 000 per group of up to 60 participants

Game capture is sometimes necessary on Kapama to relocate wildlife, treat wounds or to attach anti-poaching tracking devices to animals. Kapama staff can plan such an activity to include a group, which can help to locate the necessary animal and be present when it is darted. The group can also assist in moving, treating and releasing the captured animal. This activity is of very limited availability and so is considered a special event.

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Elephant interaction

R1,250 per person valid until 31 March 2018
R1,425 per person valid from 1st April 2018

The elephant interaction encounter offers guests a unique opportunity to get extremely close to the world’s largest land animals - usually only viewed from a distance. This activity takes place after the morning game drive and breakfast, and guests return in time for lunch at the lodge - so no scheduled activities are compromised.

Your designated ranger will drive you to a prearranged location in the bush where you will meet 16 habituated African elephants, ranging in age from calves to over 30 years old. These elephants - all rescued by Kapama from grim circumstances - are relaxed and always accompanied by their handlers. After a brief introduction, some of the elephants are brought forward for you to meet and interact with. This affords a rare opportunity to feed an elephant and even touch it, with plenty of time to take photographs.

While in the company of Kapama’s elephants, you will see the younger elephant at play while under the watchful eyes of their mothers, and will also witness the more mature interactions of the adults in the herd.

The elephant interaction encounter is an ideal opportunity to learn about African elephants, both wild and habituated. Elephant handlers tell guests about individual animals and the herd in general. Any questions are also welcome.

At the end of the half-hour allotted time with the elephants, guests will be driven back to their lodge by the ranger - and the elephants then continue their feeding in the bush.

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*Rates valid until 30 November 2017

Combine team building at Kapama with elephant interaction encounters