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Kapama Thulumahashe Children's Home Trust

Kapama Private Game Reserve is not only involved in wildlife conservation, it is also concerned about the community living in the vicinity of the reserve – in particular – children in need of care, support and a helping hand.

The small town of Thulamahashe lies about 40 km south of Kapama Private Game Reserve. At the heart of this town is a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children from the area – the Thulamahashe Children’s Home.

The home is designed to accommodate 12 children, but there are always more children resident as no child in need is ever turned away. Children at the home may range in age from new-born babies to teenagers, and have either been abandoned or born into families who are unable to support them.

Kapama believes that children deserve a chance to reach their dreams and have the ability to contribute to society. In support of these less-fortunate children, the Kapama Thulamahashe Children's Home Trust was formed. The Trust is looked after by four trustees made up of two members who represent the home, and two from Kapama. Kapama administers the trust on behalf of the home, and audited financials are open for public scrutiny.

The goal of the Trust is to empower the children from the home through education and ongoing support in an effort to ensure a bright future for these young lives.  Kapama supports the children with material resources, and with their education from primary school, through secondary school to tertiary education.  Children who excel at school, but are not fortunate enough to receive a bursary for further tertiary education, are supported by Kapama in their academic pursuits to enhance their knowledge and skills.

On a more festive note, a few years ago Kapama decided to do something meaningful for the Christmas season, and so began the annual hosted Christmas party for the children currently resident at Thulamahashe Children’s Home. Joining in the fun and spirit of community at this event is the children of Kapama employees. All the children aged between six and fifteen years thoroughly enjoy this special day together.

The enthusiastic Kapama team interacts with the children in conversations and fun activities.  The Kapama chefs prepare lots of food, tasty snacks and refreshments while the Kapama rangers share the festive cheer among the children.

Every year the children look forward to this day with much anticipation. Bringing big smiles is the secret Santa goodie bags given to the children to take home after an unforgettable day for everyone involved. The joy on the faces and the gratitude in the eyes of the children is truly moving and is deeply felt by every individual participating in this festive event, which makes this day even more worthwhile.

If, like Kapama, you too believe that these talented children deserve a chance to reach their dreams and look forward to a bright future ahead of them, then stay up to date with the happenings and developments at the Children’s Home by subscribing to our newsletter.  Kapama looks forward to sharing their journey with you.

If you would like to know more about the Trust Fund for the Children’s Home, please contact us here.

Thulamahashe Children’s Home