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Kapama Thulumahashe Children's Home Trust

The small town of Thulamahashe lies about 40 km south of Kapama Private Game Reserve. At the heart of this town is a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children from the area - Thulamahashe Children’s Home.

The home is designed to accommodate 12 children, but there are always more because nobody in real need is ever turned away. Children at the home may range in age from newborns to teenagers, and have either been abandoned or born into families who are unable to support them. Facilities at the home are spartan, though, and funds are currently being raised to build a larger home for the children.

In support of the local less-fortunate community, Kapama established the Kapama Thulamahashe Children's Home Trust. The four trustees are made up of two members who represent the home, and two from Kapama. Their goal is to raise funds to build a larger house that can be owned by the children's home and so secure its future. In addition, funds are needed to supplement the meagre government grants on which the home currently relies to support its child residents.

Each year, Kapama donates generously to the children’s home - both financially and in resources - and guests to Kapama also make welcome donations to the home. Kapama administers the trust on behalf of the home, and audited financials are open for public scrutiny.

Already a piece of land has been purchased on which the children’s home will be built, and Thulamahashe Children’s Home should have new premises in the very near future. This will ensure brighter, more spacious living conditions for the children.

As a treat for the resident children at the home, Kapama also hosts an annual Christmas dinner and game drive for the staff and children currently resident at Thulamahashe Children’s Home. It is an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

While the children have enough material resources, should guests wish to donate money to the children’s home, it would be greatly appreciated and easily facilitated by the general manager at each lodge. This will significantly expedite the construction of the new children’s home, which will enable destitute children from the area to be accommodated in comfort.

Alternatively, should you wish to donate to the Kapama Thulamahashe Children’s Trust (IT6657/07) directly, the banking details are as follows:
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Brooklyn
Branch code: 251345
Account number: 62158139082

The Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act: PBO No. 930026105.

Download the Thulumahashe presentation here.

Thulamahashe Children’s Home