This morning my guests requested a shortened game drive due to the fact that they check out and had to leave a bit earlier than normal. Normally this kind of situation makes us a little bit apprehensive, as we as guides know that it takes some time finding animals, and even though the drive time is shortened, we still would like to make the best of it for our guests and hopefully find good sightings with the limited time available.

Any way, we left and I couldn’t help but think that because of time constraints,  it will probably not be such an amazing drive like we normally get. Boy, was I wrong…!  Soon after leaving the Lodge we came upon two big Buffalo bulls wallowing in a mud pan mere metres from our front door. The original plan was to try and find Elephants as my guests just couldn’t get enough of these gentle giants and the Buffalo was just a bonus given the one hour we had to try and find some Ellie’s. As usual the bush did not let us down…

Not long after finding the buffalo, we found some rhinos busy with the standard morning “make-up” session also known as “mud wallowing”. We saw plenty of general game species, loads of good bird life and even though our one hour was just not enough to find some elephants, the other sightings we had more than made up for it. My guests were happy despite the fact that we were’nt able to find elephants for a last time, and nature once again showed us that it cannot be predicted, but also never disappoints…

Jeffrey Mmadi

Ranger – Kapama Main Lodge

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