A Lesson from Nature!


It was cool and crisp morning when we took on the morning safari in search for four young lionesses that had been patrolling the area just south of our lodge. We were looking for them specifically because we knew a kill was to be made soon as we witnessed a failed attempt the night before.


Not long after we started, Harry my tracker stopped me and said that something was strange and that he only had the tracks for one of these lionesses, not paying too much attention to that we continued. About twenty minutes after, we managed to locate her all tucked up under a small Acacia tree still hungry and restless. She was looking around, focusing on any movement, moaning and turning in circles. She was alone and had separated from her sisters!


 The next morning we returned and noticed she was lying next to a dead water monitor she had killed, still on her own we left her to her meal and continued with our safari.


I returned the next evening with my new guests and while explaining what had happened, we found her in the throws of killing a big pregnant warthog!


One can not help to think, that this must be a lesson from mother nature to encourage her to build up her confidence .She is still on her own but doing well, and once she gets back with her pride, which I think will be soon, she will have learnt to stay closer to the pride while hunting and to not get separated again.  Well done my girl!


By Divan Vermaak 

Assistant Head Ranger River Lodge


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