Today was my 1st night drive at Kapama and it is April fools!
My guests got on to the vehicle and I opened my door to see grease all over the handle and on my hands – an April fools joke by my collogues, it was a great start! The drive in itself was amazing. My tracker (Give) and I had an amazing elephant sighting, a breeding herd with a small calf of about 1 week old. We then moved over to a different area where we managed to find a coalition of two cheetah males. My guests and I were having the time of our lives! On the way home after several sightings of many different species of plains game we went to look for our dominant male lion. We found the male and a female on a giraffe kill, as we switched off the engine he started roaring, which is referred to as a spacing call intended to identify a male’s territory to rival territorial males. I could feel the sound vibrate in my chest – it was awe inspiring. This was just another day in the office, and what an office it is.

Michael Lester.

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