Ishongile (The Beautiful one)

This Leopards name is Ishongile, the meaning of the word is “The Beautiful one” And indeed she is exactly that.

Ishongile traverses a large area of Kapama Game Reserve. She is one of the oldest Leopards in the area at an age of roughly 17 years and should still have a few years left in her. She has raised many of her cubs within the Kapama Game Reserve area and I know a few of them have settle in the reserve and are regularly seen.

We found Ishongile during the game drive this morning, after tracking her for about an hour. We eventually tracked her down to the shade of a thorn tree under which she was crouched and trying to sneak up on a breeding herd of impala. It was truly amazing to witness this and for the guests to be a part of this experience. Unfortunately the impala spotted her (excuse the pun) before she could get close enough to pounce and with a few alarm calls and dramatic leaps into the air the impala disappeared into the bush.

The temperature today reached an almost summer heat with a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.  At least it not so cold anymore, but I’m sure it will still get colder this winter. I am looking forward to the afternoon drive and yet another fantastic Game drive in the Kapama Game Reserve.

Till next time. Tim

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