What started as a bitterly cold morning ended up being an eventful gamed drive:-

The Elephants entertained both Rangers and Guests. Our delightful little calves played and cavorted in the middle of the road. Some youngsters were seen lying down, one trumpeting and just showing off to all!

Rhino sightings were bountiful. Sarah had an amazing sighting of two young Rhino’s mock fighting while the rest of the “crash” were lazing about at the watering hole.

A baby Giraffe carcass was found being scavenged on by two Black-backed Jackals – Jackals are scavengers, as well as, hunters and even enjoy fruit every now-and-then! The Giraffe was killed by our Pride of Lions after which they were found heading to the closest water source.

We look forward to a fantastic evening of game viewing, as a rather hot day will change into a chilly evening with a forecast of 6degC


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