It all started this morning, not planning to see anything. We just wanted to do a relaxed drive and see what happens. We started off well and saw a few buffalo lying down and as we drove a bit closer we saw the rest of the herd lying down; at least 200 of them.

After we left the herd of buffalo, not even 100 metres away, were two rhinos. My guests and I figured that this must be our lucky day; we had already seen two of the big five in such a short period.

Then, to my amazement, I heard on the radio that they had found two leopards not far away, so I decided to make my way. When we got there, the two leopards walked slowly towards the car and I thought to myself, one leopard is hard to find but two leopards is a sighting to remember.

After leaving the leopards, we drove for about another 1 kilometer and saw a pride of 13 lions lying in the outflow of a dam; all the cubs playing with each other.

After a while, we decided to make our way back to the lodge since the drive was as amazing as it was and to our surprise, we saw a heard of elephants in the road. What a memorable drive.

Bryan – Kapama River Lodge

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