Johan Kruger, Assistant Head Ranger, Kapama River Lodge

Hi, greetings to all. It has truly been a busy couple of days!!!! We have seen a leopard that we know well in our area, on an impala kill that she made.

-Not far away, lurking, was our old but stunning male lion that has a huge black mane. He knew there was something up by the vehicle activity in the area and started patrolling his territory towards the area of the leopard. He found her after a while where she then got the fright of her life and ran off into a nearby tree for cover! The male got the impala and had a great free meal and the leopard could do nothing but look on and lick her lips.

Our other male lion is on honeymoon at the moment and he is mating with one of his females. So he is a bit grumpy but who wouldn’t be when you are trying to have some romance and the paparazzi won’t leave you alone.

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