Life has been a little hectic at Kapama River Lodge and the game drives have been outstanding!

We have had abundant Leopard sightings as well as kills this last week. On one occasion, the rangers spotted a male Leopard in one spot and a few minutes later a different male was seen at the same spot!

Added to our new baby collection is another baby Rhinoceros. The little creature was born last night – a bitterly cold night at 2degC – and was seen this morning for the first time! The mother was part of the “group of 6” that always traveled together for the last few months, now however, she has left the group to become a full time mother!

The Lioness with cubs killed a Wildebeest (Gnu) last night. It is really good to see that the Lioness is doing well, as solitary mothers have a tough life hunting, looking after and raising cubs alone!

The country is under grips of an extremely harsh cold front and temperatures will fall below 5degC again tonight…

Ranger Story: Hailey Bunge (Kapama River Lodge Ranger)

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