“A change in the wind” by Wynand Erasmus van Niekerk


“We can sometimes predict the animals, but never the weather” is probably one of the best known excuses before heading out on a rainy game drive. We are in the end of our winter season, and the dry weather is starting to reach the end of its cycle.


Clouds are building on a more regular basis, with the days being warmer and more humid during the mid day, and the game drives not so cold during the evening and in the morning.

Summer brings us rain here in the lowveld, a phenomenon that takes place each year.


Summer is an explosion of flowers, with the bush changing almost at an instant. Most of our antelope drop their young after the firs rain, and the bush becomes a fairytale of lush green bushveld telling a different story every day.


So we wait in anticipation for the first drop to fall, not knowing when the first’s drops would break the sky, all we know is, and soon there will be a change in the wind….

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