dsc_0032This morning was nice and cold, everyone snuggling up in their blankets as we started our morning safari.

Had a great sighting of the big herd of buffalo drinking at one of the waterholes on the reserve. Not even 200 meters from there were our two female lionesses and big male lion. Not fazed by any of this as they were lying lazily beneath some trees. While watching the herd I noticed that two young calves were born about a day ago. They were stumbling around and could not quite get their balance properly.

This evening we are on the look out for our leopards again, found some fresh tracks this morning that the trackers followed on foot, which then went off trail and moved into a thicket. It made it a little impossible to approach with the game viewers. So hopefully we have some luck with our illusive cats this evening.

As the sun sets again this afternoon, temperatures are expected to drop to 10degC.

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