Tonight’s safari started out really well, not too far away from the lodge we found three lions just relaxing in the middle of the road close to them was a couple of buffalo’s keeping a close eye on them.

The general game was plentiful with the Big 5 popping up around almost every corner.

The highlight of the evening must have been when one of the rangers tracked and found a female leopard with a fresh kudu kill, whilst in the sighting the leopard was joined by an old female hyena that was also interested in the leopards kill. Usually the leopard would abandon her kill with the presence of hyenas, or at least she would try and take it up a tree but the kudu was quite large, so she had cached it under a bush. The hyena must have smelled it and came looking as the sun started to set. While the hyena poached her meal, the young leopard sat and watched under a tree, both being wary of the other. Fantastic sighting for myself and my guests!

Another great drive on Kapama!

By: Wayne Lubbe – River Lodge Ranger

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