dsc_0012We started our game drive this afternoon on a very successful note by finding a beautiful female Rhino with the cutest little calf and the herd of African buffalo that we originally set out to see.

So I decided to take a drive past a wildebeest that had been killed a couple days back by the lions. The reason why we did this is that the lions had left almost half of the kill before moving off. So we got there only to discover that the vultures and jackals had decided to pull in and have a snack before sunset, so we left the area to go and enjoy a spectacular sunset with a drink to go with it all.

After the drinks break we headed past the kill one more time and luck was definitely on our side as we not only found our solitary lioness with her young cubs heading towards the kill for a bit of dinner but also the big male lion on a mission to patrol his territory further done the road.

Story by : Calvin Du Plessis- Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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