Being a guide we are privileged to see many amazing and spectacular sights from wildlife to sunsets, but every guide has a story that stands out to him or her. As for myself, my sighting came 2 days ago, while driving and appreciating the sights of the bush we ever so luckily stumbled upon 4 young lions, 3  females and 1 male. Now as amazing as the site on its own was, the story gets better when the 4 youngsters located a small herd of waterbuck standing in a conveniently open veldt. This location was perfect for us because we could watch and appreciate the sighting from a respectful distance without interfering. Although the lions were not successful in their hunt because they were still very young and inexperienced, it was awesome to see how they hunt and how they used the environment.  It was also amazing to see how the prey animals are perfectly adapted to surviving these moments. Truly an unforgettable experience!!

Josh Beton 03-07-2011

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