Last nights safari had a little of everything, just as nature intends. We left the lodge at around 16h00 and headed toward the Nyala Dam area where a flock of Marabou Storks were waiting for any little catfish to make a dreadful mistake, wonder to close and end up as a late lunch. Richard then spotted some elephant tracks, so we decided to follow them. They led us towards the back of the lodge and around to Shai’s Wallow. There they were feeding as usual. A little further on we encountered a young 80-85 cm African Rock Python who thought I looked like a fantastic meal just before he goes into hibernation. Not such a good idea as I am nearly two meters tall, bad judgement on the pythons side. We searched high and low for the lions but to no avail. On our way back to the lodge Richard spotted two porcupines in the beam of the spotlight, these are one of the largest rodents in the world and do not shoot their quills at attackers as commonly thought but rather back into their enemy leaving a few quills embedded in the attacker as a nasty reminder.

Dean Robinson

Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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