We set out this afternoon like any other day, not really knowing what to expect out of the African bush.

As we left the lodge we ran into some fresh rhino tracks so we started following them. After about 20 minutes of walking, my tracker called me to say he has got them. It was a very nice rhino sighting; down at the watering hole busy enjoying a mud bath.

As we left the rhinos to themselves, we saw a crocodile not too far away, so we sat for a while watching him. Then there were some Impala that walked down to drink water. This was truly amazing as we knew that some action was on the way. Not long after the crocodile got into the water and started heading towards the impala, there were some young impala also having a drink. All of a sudden we just saw one big splash and ‘boom’ there was the crocodile with a baby impala in its mouth.

This was truly something to see as we never expected it; so as I always say, Africa is one of the greatest places to be.

JT – Kapama River Lodge

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