This morning we set out a little early on a mission to find lions. The sunrise was spectacular and there was a layer of mist across the reserve which was quite eerie. As we moved south across the reserve my tracker noticed fresh tracks on the road. We could see that the lions had been lying in the road and it looked as though they had been chasing after a giraffe. As I was busy explaining the markings to my guests the lions came bounding one by one down the road towards us! We were very pleased to see that the older lioness whose sister unfortunately died due to labour complications just over a week ago has now joined up and is walking with four other young females. It also looks as though she herself may be expecting cubs……so watch this space!
We also had an enjoyable sighting of a small group of buffalos at a watering hole. They had disturbed 2 beautiful kingfishers which had retreated to a nearby tree! We saw a huge amount of general game this morning. On our way back to the lodge we were fortunate enough to see a number of different species together. It’s always interesting to see how different species interact. There was an adult female giraffe with two youngsters. The remains of the umbilical cord were still visible on one of the youngsters and we deduced that he was only 2 weeks old at most. The two youngsters were running around playfully and we laughed at them trying to keep their balance on their gangly legs! There were also more than 30 zebras, a herd of blue wildebeest, some impalas and some warthogs milling around in the same area.