This morning while out on drive we came across a herd of elephant playing shortly after the rains. What a sighting it was to enjoy the company of 20 odd elephant playing on the road a short way off from the vehicle. The youngsters were all pushing one another and sliding across the wet ground. The youngsters would push each other over and once a youngster was down the others would pile on top of the one another. This interaction was such a treat to witness. During the games a very small calf got caught in the middle and could have potentially been in trouble had its mother not stepped in to help. The older calves were getting fairly rough and the youngster was right in the middle of it all. The female immediately noticed the calf in distress and approached the wrestling elephants. She pushed all the older calves out of the way and stood protectively over her baby like only a mother could. She gentled nudged the calf until it managed to find its feet and stand up. She then sheltered the calf until safely away from the playful sub adults.



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