This evening on safari we got to see a couple of animals that you don’t see on a daily basis.

We found a fairly large herd of elephants and sat with them for a good couple of minutes, observing how they interacted with one another, from the youngsters playing to the adults focusing on more serious matters that included the bulldozing of a couple of trees.

Not to far from the elephants was a dried up riverbed that I decided to drive through. Inside we found a very nice surprise – two honey badgers digging and sniffing along the edges of the river bed, probably looking for a tasty snack. These animals are so elusive and rarely seen and as a result we know so little about them. They allowed us to follow them as they were making their way from the river bed to some thicker vegetation.

As it grew darker our attention switched to the nocturnal animals, and what a bonus as we found another very elusive animal called an aardvark, also known as an antbear. These animals consume thousands of termites every night, and are responsible for many of the natural holes you’ll find in termite mounds. These holes then are utilized as homes by many other animals such as warthogs, mongoose and porcupines just to name a few.

A very pleasing safari with some very happy guests!

Wayne – River Lodge

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