This morning we set off on game drive with our ponchos on, ready to go out and find some animals. After some driving around we found elephants, doing their daily routine, feeding and bonding with the young pink elephant. As we were watching the elephants we saw a young bull trying to push a tree over after a few failed attempts, he pushed the tree over with a huge bang and crash, he got what he wanted, the leaves at the top of the fallen tree. The leaves at the top must be better tasting than the ones on the bottom. We left them as we carried on to come across  four lionesses lying on the road relaxing, then my tracker said to me, ‘Rhino’, I looked at my side mirror and saw three rhino behind us walking towards the lions. So with lions in front and rhinos behind, I could not move, so all we did was sit still and let them walk past, as they did, the lions saw them, but not interested. The rhinos carried on and then chased the lions, all the lions went in different directions quickly getting out of the rhinos way. Happy to say that no animals were hurt during this encounter.

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