It was another beautiful afternoon, driving along the river in the eastern side of Kapama when we saw a herd of buffalos. Not far from them there were several hippopotamus that where lying out on the bank next to the water. Regardless of the presence of the big game our attention was taken by a pied kingfisher that was trying to catch fish in the river. For a long time it dove and came out empty handed. However, after several attempts he was finally successful, and no less with a fish almost twice his size. He took off in the direction of a dry lead wood not far from the waters edge under which the hippos had been resting. As he flew over he dropped the fish. The hippos where terrified of the cold wet creature landing next to them. As it landed on the ground it jumped up and gave a loud, high pitched scream causing the hippos to dart back to the water. With the confusion of the hippo, the buffalo also became confused and headed with tremendous speed back into the bush which water birds took off in all directions. It’s strange to think, all this chaos for a tiny and kingfisher and his meal.



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